About Bephon

BEPHON LLC is an American hair care product manufacturing company based in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Bephon blends advanced applied science technology and great expertise with nourishing rich vitamins and moisturizing ingredients to create formulas that deliver the highest, salon-quality performance, with naturally exquisite results.

Unlike other competitors we know your hair and the science behind it better, our company is founded by engineers and scientists who understand not only the advanced technology and chemistry of personal care products exceedingly, but also know your hair type well enough to understand what you need to have healthy, lustrous, and luxurious hair.

How we do it?

We combine great expertise with innovative technology to come up with great ideas and transform them into sensational hair care products.

Why we do it?

we strongly believe that you deserve to look great without spending a fortune.

Where we do it?

We are everywhere, our headquarter is located in Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA.  and we have three branch offices in Foshan, China, Dubai, UAE and Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Look at our contact us page to find more information about us.

Our core value

BEPHON is rooted in the principles of superior quality, personal integrity, and customer satisfaction.

We are very determined to be the best at what we do.