Keratin Therapy Hair Lotion

You may have heard of styling cream, leave-in-conditioner, or hair oil, but did you know that one product can completely change the condition of your hair after just a few uses? It’s Bephon’s Keratin Therapy Hair Lotion. This revolutionary hair lotion, when applied to clean, damp hair from root to tip, can make your hair softer, smoother, more manageable with less frizz. Who doesn’t crave less frizz? Frizz seems to be the bane of every hair’s existence, doesn’t it? This miracle lotion does this with a patented ingredient base of exotic organic oils like coconut, olive, and jojoba oils that your hair will crave to have.

Bepon Keratin Therapy Hair Lotion

Bepon Keratin Therapy Hair Lotion

It even helps to prevent split ends, breakage, and parched hair due to overuse of hot tools like the flat iron, which we all love to use a little too much. For fine hair, you would use about a dime-sized amount. For thicker hair go up to a full quarter-sized dollop to spread evenly throughout your locks.

Even for gals with curly hair, it won’t weigh your waves down so they will be frizz-free and springy gorgeous.

Here are some of the comments we receive from our valuable customers:-

“It does make a difference in the way my hair behaves especially since I live in such a humid environment during the long hot summer months.”
“My hair is much smoother with way less frizz then before.”
“I have found that my split ends seem to be better overall so you can bet that’s due to the keratin content in the lotion”

Keratin is a protein which provides extra stretch to the hair shaft to keep it strong, Resilient, and Beautiful. You can’t beat this hair lotion for lustrous, perfect hair every day.

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