Bridal Beauty Quick Emergency Kit Tips

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It’s your big day, the day you have waiting for your entire life. You’ve been planning it since you were a little girl, and tried on your mother’s old wedding dress. Prancing around in front of the mirror you dreamed of someday having your own special day with the man of your dreams. You want that day to be perfection. It’s probably been in the hard planning stages for a least a year. So what do you need in your beauty kit to be prepared for any emergencies you might have that big day? There are some ready made bridal kits that come with some of the essentials you need, but putting together your own in a little chic cosmetics bag is a snap. Here is what you should have on hand with you.

Makeup Touch Up Kit: This includes your lipstick, oil-free touch up powder, and anything else you might need to reapply after a few hours. You know your own face with how well your makeup wears. Are you going to need some extra shadow and eyeliner later on towards the evening?

Makeup Wipes: These come in handy to wipe under your eyes in case a few happy tear smudge your makeup.

Tissues: Happy tears, remember?

Clear Nail Polish: For snags in your panty hose, if you are wearing them. A tiny dab will stop any run in its tracks.

Tiny Sewing Kit: You just never know when a hem might fall out. Or a zip gets stuck which would be a worse case scenario, so have a competent person just sew you into the dress. You can always cut yourself out at the end of the night.

Pain Medication: Tylenol, Advil, and some Tums for unexpected heartburn.

Mints: There will be so many people to talk to that you want to make sure your breath is fine.

Eye Drops: If you get red eye easily from tears then you might benefit from a couple of drops in each eye.

Compact Mirror: For quick touchups to make sure you look as beautiful as you should look as the happy bride!

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