Brushing Your Hair Nightly Is a Good Idea

This might seem like an antiquated idea. Remember the television show, “The Brady Bunch”? The oldest daughter, Marcia had the most beautiful long blonde hair that she was very proud of. She brushed her long locks nightly at least for 100 total strokes. Okay, you don’t have to brush your hair that much each night, but Marcia was on the right track with the daily brushing routine. Buy yourself a boar’s hair bristle brush that will stimulate your scalp, and allow the natural oils to run down the length of your hair to boost shine and moisture.


Bephon Hair Care

Bephon Hair Care

A quick 2-3 minutes of brushing is all you need. Plus, it actually feels pretty nice to brush your hair since it causes the circulation in your head to be improved. It can lead to less headaches, and reduce stress as well. So there are many benefits to running a brush through your hair. If you have super curly hair that you aren’t able to brush through, then there is an option for you as well. A simple head massage will be just as effective as a brushing.

Spend 3-5 minutes with your hands massaging your entire scalp including your temples and forehead. If you have a partner to do it for you, then that’s effective too! Head and facial massage has been used as an ancient remedy for stress relief since the beginning of time. You’ll be amazed at how doing this at night will lead you to relax and sleep better.

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