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If you are a wholesaler and would like to distribute our product in your area, please fill the box or call us using the phone number provided below.

USA & Canada

Bephon LLC

P.O.BOX 25692

Saint Paul, MN 55125, USA

Tell: 1-855-5BEPHON(237466) Ext. 1

Asia Pacific

ZhongShan, China

Tell: 86-15019905431 or

1-855-5BEPHON(237466) Ext. 2

Europe & Middle East

Dubai, UAE

Tell: 971-502822468

Toll free #: 1-855-5BEPHON(237466) Ext. 3


Bephon LLC

P.O.Box 173 code 1251

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Tell: 251-911-257383, 251-911-BEPHON(237466)

Toll free #: 1-855-5BEPHON(237466) Ext. 4

Bephon Hair Care