Give Your Hair a Break

Air drying       With all the intense washing and styling your hair goes through sometimes you just need to give your hair a break. Put down the blow dryer, step away from the flat iron, and let your hair rest. Is hair really that fragile that it needs a vacation? Absolutely. The best way to do this is to wash it with a gentle clarifying shampoo. Then apply a deep conditioner for at least ten minutes to allow it to penetrate the shaft of the hair sufficiently. Rinse, and here is the kicker. Air dry it. Leave it alone to heal properly. Don’t put any styling products with alcohol in them. Use a little bit of leave in conditioner, and a frizz fighting styling cream to smooth any frizz flyaways you might have. If the idea of letting your hair air dry horrifies you then you probably have more damaged hair than you think. If you can’t stand to let it air dry completely then pull it into a sleek chic buns at the base of your hairline and secure with a few bobby pins, or pretty scarf.

blow dry hair moisture less

This will allow your hair to dry smooth, and  become silky so that at the end of the day, when you take it out of the bun it has a little wave to its body. Then you can wear it down the next day, just refresh it with a little extra styling balm and you are ready to go. It give your hair at least a two day break from styling stress. If you can go a week without using any hot tools then that’s even better for your hair. You’ll be amazed at what just a one week break can do for the feel and texture of your hair.

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