Keratin Therapy Hair Lotion

Bephon-Keratin Therapy Hair Lotion

Bephon-Keratin Therapy Hair Lotion will soften, moisturize and detangle your curls, leaving them light, shiny and bouncy. It is infused with Keratin and formulated without harsh ingredients.

This intense formula is filled with highly nutritious and exotic organic oils like that of coconut, Jojoba and olive oils to strengthens, softens and smoothes your hair without dulling or fading its color.   Your hair color stays vibrant and it feels naturally soft and healthy.

Bephon-Keratin Therapy Hair Lotion  reinforces and protects the hair cuticle, leaving it soft, glossy and absolutely easy to manage.

Keratin treatments easily repair the damage of any types of hair.

The combination of highly exotic organic oils, vitamins, and keratin with other moisture-rich ingredients, in this revolutionary hair treatment, will bring new and long-lasting life to your hair. It is gentle enough for daily use and is an excellent therapy for all hair types.