Short Hair Can Be Chic


More and more short hairstylewomen lately are going shorter. “Short hair, don’t care” is the new mantra for many women who wish to be more low maintenance with their hair care. Bobs, lobs, pixies, and short cuts are nothing new, but the fear of going short isn’t around anymore. It used to be that long hair signaled femininity. We have learned that isn’t the case anymore. Feminine beauty comes in all forms, short or long and anything in between. Whatever you choose is your prerogative. Short can be exceptionally beauty, and sexy too! So are you ready to take the snipping plunge? Here’s how to go short if you still care a little bit about your long locks.


Go Gradual Over a Few Months

Every eight weeks when you are scheduled for your regular trim, have the stylist take off a little bit more. Instead of your usually half inch, have her do two. Then another two the next time. After that you are probably going to be adjusted to the concept of shorter hair so get it chopped to your heart’s content.


Find Some Photos of Styles You Like

Celebs in droves are getting shorter and shorter hair cuts. Cut out a few pictures of shorter styles you like to show to your stylist, and find out if they will work with your specific texture.

Just Do It

Like the Nike saying says, “just do it!” Take the initiative to go shorter. Be firm in your decision, and know that you can rock that shorter “do” in spades. It’s all in your attitude anyway. Know you are beautiful with whatever style you choose to rock.

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