Summer Makeup Meltdown Prevention

Bephon- portrait of a woman  applying dry cosmetic tonal foundation  on the face using makeup brush.

Summer Makeup Meltdown Prevention


It’s finally summer. Time to enjoy being outside in the warmer temperatures where you can do all those summertime activities you like to do with your family and friends. So how do you handle your summertime makeup? Do you suffer from makeup meltdown when you have been in the sun too long? There are a few simple steps you can take to prevent your makeup from sliding off your face during those hot months.


First you want to prime your skin with an oil free primer that will help your foundation set better, not get too oily, or change color as the day goes on. Then set your foundation with an translucent oil-absorbing setting powder. For eye makeup stick to formulas that are specifically waterproof. Especially eyeliners, and mascara. For your lipstick choose a formula that is matte, which will last much longer than those goopy lipglosses. Nars makes a” Velvet Matte” lip color that is superb in its staying power. Roman Holiday is a vibrant pink that is sheer and the ideal summer color for lips. Or try Bolero which is the right peachy coral shade that will look stunning next to your newly tanned skin.


During the summer months keep in mind that less is more. The heavy makeup routine you do all year can be lightened in the hotter months. Swap your foundation for a less intense BB Cream, and stick to one waterproof eye shadow color stick for just a pop of color that isn’t a full face of makeup.

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