To Trim Or Not To Trim

Trim your hair

Sometimes when you are growing out your hair it seems counterproductive to cut it. Yet, not submitting to a least a trim every eight weeks is actually going to make your hair more susceptible to split ends, and less growth. It’s also more difficult to brush through untrimmed hair because it’s more tangled at the bottom. Regular trims make your hair look much healthier, cleaner especially if you subject your hair to regular hot tools such as curling irons, and flat irons. Heated tools will add wear and tear to the hair shaft causing it to be dry and brittle. It’s even worse at the ends so it is best just to lop them off every couple of months by getting a simple trim. Fresh cut ends are also better able to absorb conditioner making your hair smooth and silky.

Being patient during a growing out phase can be tough, but with the right treatments and maintenance you’ll have the long luscious hair of your dreams in no time. Hair usually grows at about a half inch per month or six inches per year. Just make sure when you see your stylist to get a trim that she doesn’t over cut your hair. Be specific about her skimming the ends only, about an eighth of an inch. It’s very easy for them to go overboard, cutting an inch or more which will totally kill any growth rate you have had over the past couple of months. So just gently let her know that you are trying to grow it out, and want the bare minimum she can trim off.

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